Relativity EP

by The So Help Me's

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kappy thumbnail
kappy I can’t get enough of this EP! They have a uniquely awesome sound with great harmonies and rifts. If you live in OKC, you should definitely take some time to see them live. Favorite track: Trails.
JSkagnetti thumbnail
JSkagnetti Just saw these cats live and I'm totally in love with their sound! Favorite track: Trails.
Ferretron thumbnail
Ferretron This band is amazing. I heard them on the Oklahoma Rock Show and started seeing them play live. They have excellent vocal harmonies, stellar guitars, and poetic lyrics. The song Apollo blends perfectly into the final track on this EP, exhibiting a surprisingly thoughtful recording strategy. I am so glad The So Help Me's are from Oklahoma. I had already bought this EP once at a concert but I decided to buy it again and hopefully help the band in recording their newer songs. Favorite track: Apollo.
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released January 8, 2016


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The So Help Me's Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Constantly falling off the Existential precipice into a haze of Oklahoma Dust

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Track Name: Blue Fox Drive
Remember those days, we wasted away, just holding on to thoughts. Thoughts of you here, wondering where, we would be in years. Your face is disappearing, from the imprint you left me.
Because i lost my train of thought, and now its depending, on the love i once sought.

You were only a dream, of what i made you to be, i wanted something real. oh you'll never know what i used to feel. broken window blinds, looking out on blue fox drive, trying to open my mind, oh you'll never know what you left behind.Your face is disappearing, from the imprint you left me. Because i lost my train of though, and now its depending, on the love i once sought.

Now theres an empty seat in my car
Track Name: Trails
I live in a house where the hallways grow longer and shorter with my mood, I live in a city that dances with lightning and sings with the prairie.

The blood will dry, the dust will fly, the birds tell the tales that make the bison cry.

The people before me, came from the ocean and bled over mountains, the beauty of boundaries that never existed, till someone said they did.

The blood will dry, the dust will fly, the birds tell the tales that make the bison cry.

Singing the songs that make the bison cry

The blood will dry, the dust will fly, the birds tell the tales that make the bison cry.
Track Name: Apollo
We studied photons spinning in and out of time, sailing out on distant waves, through the loneliness that we made. We looked through telescopes through time and space to see, distant planets housing you, while i was too obsessed with me.

I won't forget my compass, guiding me, guiding me up north. I cannot fight the wolves off, they will come for me soon, i can see. Ill climb a long dead pine tree to the sun, to the stars where I'm from. They will not see me stumble, i'm as strong, i'm as strong as glaciers.

I set up base camp far beneath the northern lights, looking out over the plains, searching for an ancient light. I will open up the skin of earth to find, somewhere far for me to hide so that maybe our words will survive.

i spent the last week sober, i cannot drink away my head, you've spent the last week falling, falling down, I cannot catch you.

Sail on my moonlight girl, I will bring you books to read.

I cannot make the stars move, i am just, i am just one man. God never loved the whole earth, I will lose, I will lose my head. I only want to give up living is such a chore sometimes. I only hear the war drums in the night in the night surrounding.

I only hear the war drums.
Track Name: Wolf Mountain
Fathers sitting by the riverside and mommas in the dark. Southern winds and old pine trees miss me when I'm gone. New tattoos and whiskey shots fill sunday afternoon. Followed maps led to old bear traps and deep uncovered wells.

Sunset new regret, fall down small town, living with old scripture breaking down, fly home yellow bones, scattered by the pine trees, snowflakes falling down buzzards in the sky.

Fathers singing by the tall pine trees and mommas in the sun. Cactus breeze and dead oak trees are headstones in the fog. Blood-soaked nights and silver knives that cut deep down to bone.

Prom dress mosquito nets underneath a shade tree, preachers in the schoolyard looking pissed. Kissing up on Cavanaugh, touching in an old truck Jesus turn his head when mommas not around.

Fathers singing an old country song wile mommas feeling all alone., Hickory trees and west coast dreams made Oklahoma so dull. Cold smoke winds and trailer park friends just left us feeling old

Wolves howl, musics loud, mountain clouds, falling down, blaring out Bob Marley in the park. Smoking from an apple, kissing in a chapel, Jesus feeling older every day.

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